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February 16, 2011

Grounding Meditations – Easy Energy Meditation for Beginners

by Janis Masyk-Jackson
Meditation Techniques for Beginners
 It's best for this meditation to sit on the floor as it sets the stage for an energy meditation featured later on in this article. Make the area as calm and peaceful as possible. With all the hustle bustle people go through in life on a daily basis, time is needed to relax, quiet the mind and learn how to focus on just one thing.

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At this point, the idea is to focus on breathing. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Pay close attention to your diaphragm. Notice the way it expands when you take a breath and sinks in when you exhale. The reason for focusing on this is to keep your mind busy on the meditation instead of any random thoughts that may come into your mind.
Keep focusing on your breathing only. Dismiss any other thoughts that come along. This meditation should bring you focus. By allowing yourself to concentrate on only one thing, you are able to rid your mind of all other thoughts. This can open the door for many other forms of meditation. In this case, you want to be able to bring in fresh energy into your body.

Grounding Meditation

A grounding meditation is an easy way of meditating that focuses on the breath. It's great for beginning  meditation as it lays this  foundation for other meditations. To begin, find a quiet place where you won't be bothered.

 Energy Meditation
The following is a guided meditation. You may be able to memorize it by reading through, or consider taping it and then playing it back while you meditate. If recording it, use a soothing, calm voice. You might even have someone else record it for you.
Once again, sit on the floor. If possible, this meditation is best done outside by a tree. Not only does is allow you to be in touch with nature, it also allows for the warmth of the sun to work with you while you meditate. Try to envision yourself as a tree. Feel the wisdom a tree can bring. See yourself as your roots being deep in the ground and raising up throughout your body.

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  Look upon the earth as energy. With each breath you take, visualize the energy of the earth raising up through the roots of the ground and energizing your entire body. See this as a golden light circulating throughout your body, bringing new life and exhilaration. Continue to breathe properly while this bright light energizes you. You may begin to feel a tingle as the energy refreshes you. Continue in the moment for as long as you would like enjoying this pure energy from the Earth. When you feel focused and revitalized, end the meditation.

A grounding meditation not only can bring focus to your mind and life, it can also be a stepping stone for a wonderful energy meditation. An energy meditation can give you the opportunity to feel relaxation no matter what type of the day you have had. It is good for the health, both mentally and physically. All you need is a quiet place to meditate and some good breathing techniques to help you learn how to meditate.