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May 6, 2011

Energy Clearing

by Kaz Hanford

After a healing, it is vital that the healer clears the healing room of any residual negative energy left from the healing. During a healing, the healer may remove blockages from the clients etheric and/or physical body which have hindered the natural flow of energy. These blockages should not be present in the body and therefore should be removed. If the client has an illness that has manifested on the physical level, there will be energy given off that may be heavy, sticky or negative - we call it 'spiritual slime'.

This tends to stick not only to the healer, but must also be removed from the client's aura and the healing area itself. During the healing, it is not uncommon for the healer to become aware of this negative energy clinging to their hands and arms, and they may even have to stop and clean it off with their other hand or a feather. It may feel uncomfortable and perhaps may make the healer ache a little. This is why it is absolutely vital for the healer to wash their hands right up to their elbows after a healing. They must make sure that they clean off this energy so that it does not remain in their aura and create problems with their own personal energy flows.