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March 3, 2011

Energetic Systems of the Body: Auras and Chakras

by April Lalibert

A. Lalibert
The word chakra means "wheel." It is literally an energetic wheel of energy circulating within the human body. There are seven main chakras and many more minor chakras. The chakras contribute to a healthy aura, which is the body's overall energetic field. These two energetic systems complement each other and work together to contribute to a healthy functioning system.

The Seven Chakras
The wheels of energy are specific to certain areas of the body. Below gives an overview of the colors associated with each chakra, the chakra name, the activity it supports in the body and the areas of the body that are nourished by each area (given in that order).
  1. Red-Root-Survival-adrenal glands, legs, feet
    Chakras for Beginners
  3. Orange-Navel-Sexuality, Creativity-ovaries, testicles,womb, genitals
  4. Yellow-Solar Plexus-Personal power, control--stomach
  5. Green (purple)-Heart-Love-physical heart and hypothalamus
  6. Light Blue-Throat-Speaking your Truth-thyroid, vocal cords
  7. Indigo-Third Eye-Knowledge of Self-face, nervous system, pituitary
  8. White-Crown-Purest Being-Pineal gland, cerebrum
Chakras are easier to work with in the short term since they are healed directly by thoughts, intentions and influenced by gemstones and music. 

Click here for a simple chakra meditation to enhance and balance the flow of energy within the body.