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May 29, 2011

Healing Crystals

By Kristen Lauter

Body, Mind, and Spirit
The beauty and mystique of crystals have enamored folks for thousands of years.
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Not only were crystals used as tools, but they have always been and are at present worn to accentuate the body as well as beautify the decor of any living space. Crystals are not only found in computers and electronic gadgets but they are believed to have magical and healing properties as well.
Crystals have been used to protect, ward off harm and interpret messages from the spirit world. Traditionally gemstones were used to alleviate pain and sickness. Today, however, crystal healers use the crystals to remove the energy that causes physical illness.

Chakras in Relation to Crystal Healing

There are specific crystals which correspond to seven main energy centers of the body. (Also known as chakras) The color of the crystal corresponds with the color associated with a particular chakra.