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Earth Power: Crystals, Gems And Stones

Used for thousands of years in magical practice, crystals, gems, and stones have long been known to possess a variety of magical attributes that make them an excellent addition to our spells and spiritual endeavors. From aiding us in meditation and helping us acquire psychic awareness to protecting us from evil spirits and even working to empower curses themselves, crystals and precious stones offer a full range of properties that can aid us throughout daily life. Placed in mojo bags and charm bags, carried in your wallet… Even placed within the change drawer of your business's cash register! Stones are an intricate aspect of our spiritual paths steeped in rich tradition. Here's a bit more on some of the specific crystals and stones we carry: (Click here to view our available collection of tumbled stones.)


Tumbled AmethystAmethyst, a beautiful stone known for its deep purple coloring that can change slightly depending on your point of view and the quality of the light, has long been treasured within its magical practices. As a protective stone, it is said to help keep away nightmares and other such troubles to your sleep. Similarly, it is said to help encourage pleasant dreams and can be used to help encourage prophetic dreams. In healing, Amethyst is traditionally a stone of peace. As a stone associated with the mind, it can help soothe, calm, and otherwise help rid those who use it of stress, fear, and other such negativity. Some also hold that it can be quite useful in empowering psychic ability, and use it to enhance meditation, divination magic, and all manner of mental powers.

Black Onyx

Tumbled Black OnyxA beautiful, black stone, Black Onyx has a rich magical tradition ranging from malignant uses to protective magic. In spells and rituals intended to be beneficial, black onyx is sometimes added or worn to help in all manner of conflicts, and is especially good at helping to work against negative energy (curses, hexes, etc. as well) that are specifically intended to work against the wearer. Alternately, Black Onyx can be used in curses as well. It is said to help spread terror and nightmares if so invoked, and is sometimes used to sew disharmony between lovers


Tumbled BloodstoneA rich, green stone that is frequently flecked with red spots that can also appear somewhat pinkish, Bloodstone has been documented in its magical use for thousands of years, for myriad spiritual purposes. In healing practices, bloodstone is often used to calm fears, eliminate anger. Physically it is believed by some to aid in treating blood related illnesses, and in the ancient days was sometimes carried by ancient warriors to avoid wounds. Some practitioners also explore its use in spells of money drawing and other money magic, where it is said to help attract wealth in abundance; it is sometimes placed in wallets, mojo bags, and even cash drawers for this purpose. In more esoteric magical practice, bloodstone is said to help empower all spells and magical endeavors, and to aid in avoiding undesired attention.


Tumbled CarnelianCarnelian is a stone that appears in swirling red tones varying from deep reds to swirling pinks and often mingle layers of these colors within a single stone. Like many of the stones used today within our magical practice, it has seen use within ritual magic and in the creation of charms and amulets and all manner of magical devices for thousands of years. In healing practice, it is said to help instill confidence and banish depression and doubt, making it quite useful for the timid or those with low self esteem. It is also said to help promote peace and harmony, making it useful in healing rifts of emotion. Protectively, Carnelian has also been historically utilized to guard against those trying to read your thoughts, even as it is believed to help strengthen your own astral visions, making it sometimes valued in divination craft.


Tumbled CitrineWith a translucent, golden quality Citrine is a crystal much praised for its beauty. Within spiritual practice, it is also rather unique in that it is one of very few varieties of crystal that will not ever absorb or hold negative energy, resulting in a crystal that doesn't need to be cleansed of negative influences. This natural quality also makes it popular in protective magic, where it can help neutralize negative energies that might be part of curses, hexes, and similar evil spells. It is also said to help encourage psychic awareness in those who wear it or keep it close at hand, and to help remove fear and nightmares.


Tumbled EmeraldPerhaps best known or pictured as a translucent gem glittering within expensive pieces of jewelry, tumbled emerald stones are frequently opaque with other mineral deposits swirling within them. In magical practice, emeralds are highly honored and valued for a wide range of uses within spells. Perhaps most commonly, emeralds are believed to aid in love spells and spells of money drawing. Wear it close after blessing it in your love spells to help attract your future love. In money magic, it is perhaps most noted for helping to improve business spells, and for magic intended to improve public perception of your business. Emerald is also highly valued as a stone of the conscious mind as well as a stone of the subconscious, making it particularly potent in exploring all magic involving psychic properties. It is also treasured as a protective stone, where it has been used to protect those who wear it for centuries.


Tumbled GarnetA stone frequently known for being "fiery" red, Garnet tends to display rich violet tones in truth, and can be found in a wide spectrum of colors from an almost deep violet to more crimson tones, often depending on the light and setting. In magical practice, Garnet is known to help tap into extra energy and otherwise enhance physical and spiritual reserves for strength and vigor. It is also quite popular in use through protection magic, where it has been used to ward off everything from accidents to demons and a variety of more worldly dangers.

Green Aventurine

Tumbled Green AventurineAs the name implies, Green Aventurine is known for its rich green tones, which can vary from deep, true greens to more translucent colorings that almost appear as though they would be glow-in-the-dark. Within spiritual practices they are often added to charms, jewelry, or otherwise carried to help increase the wearer's spiritual perception. They are also sometimes used by scholars and artists to help improve intelligence or imagination. Most commonly however, green aventurine is a stone put to use in spells of luck, or in games of chance specifically, where they are said to help the wearer tipped the scales of luck in his or her favor. It is also similarly used in spells of money drawing, helping to bring prosperity to the user.


Tumbled HematiteSometimes magnetic, hematite is a stone that possesses a coloring and luster that somewhat resembles the glossy grey of a pencil's graphite. It is heavy and solid, and sometimes used in the creation of jewelry due to its metallic luster and coloring. In magical practice it is perhaps most commonly praised for its ability to help the user ground out excessive energies, both negative and positive, helping those who wear or carry it to find balance. Hematite can sometimes also be used in divination magic as a device for scrying.


Tumbled JasperA common stone utilized among the ancient peoples of the world on nearly all continents, Jasper is found in a wide variety of colors and qualities. Each is typically attributed with its own spiritual properties, with just about all forms having been used magically for thousands of years. In more general terms, Jasper is typically worn to improve self restraint, particularly in the case of potentially dangerous desires or whims. As a protective stone, it is also said to be of potent use in warding off both physical and nonphysical threats. It is also occasionally used to attract luck to those who carry it.


Tumbled MoonstoneComing in shades of blue, white, or pink typically, Moonstone (as indicated by its very name) is traditionally associated with the moon within magical practice. This often leaves many of its uses corresponding with the moon's phases, with the passage of the moon's cycle often viewed as directly linked to the power of moonstone in your magic. Gently protective and nourishing, Moonstone is often associated with sleep, where it is said to help attain peaceful rest, or even gardening where it is said to help bring vigor to those plants it is buried near. Much like the moon, Moonstone also offers a host of other mystical properties that would be impossible to detail in brief. These range from help in acquiring a job, to divination practices, to helping to maintain youthful vim.


Tumbled PrasiolitePrasiolite is often a variety of amethyst that has been heated in a fashion that leaves it turning a translucent green. Interestingly, this often results in a perceived change in mystical qualities as well. In magical practice it is commonly used to provide courage and originality, and help strengthen willpower. Some have also found it to be quite useful when used in prophecy and divination. In crystal healing practice, one will often find Prasiolite to be useful in healing a wide range of physical ailments from a spiritual level.

Clear Quartz

Tumbled Clear QuartzHighly valued by the ancients within magic, quartz crystal has been viewed in the past to be petrified water or ice and as such is often connected with the element of water. In Native American practice it was even used in the tips of wands, and wrapped in buckskin when not in use. Clear quartz is believed to help stimulate psychic activity, seek trances, and otherwise aid within divination. Some also use them to help store, direct, and cleanse spiritual energies within magical practice. Though they are often considered to need frequent cleansing, their ability to amplify and aid in spells and magical practice leaves them highly valued.

Rose Quartz

Tumbled Rose QuartzWith a soft, rosy pink coloring that makes it easily distinguished from other crystals and forms of quartz, Rose quartz is valued for many of the same energetic properties that its cousin, clear quartz, is said to possess. But there's a twist. Rose quartz is said to be particularly potent when dealing with energies involving love and emotion. It can be worn as part of love spells and similar magical rituals to help bring love into your life, or attract a partner, and can otherwise help promote peace and happiness by helping to heal emotional traumas and other similar mental and spiritual wounds.


Tumbled SodaliteDeep blue, and imbued with veins of white that almost give the appearance of lightning across a night sky, Sodalite is a beautiful stone often confused with Lapis Lazuli; Lapis Lazuli actually has golden colored flecks of iron pyrite in most cases. In spiritual practice it is a great stone for healing, where it is typically used for soothing emotional distress, such as stress, nervousness, anger, or fear. It is often worn for this purpose, or otherwise pressed gently to the head to help soothe inner strife and turmoil. Some also suggest that it can be used within meditation, helping to explore with wisdom.

Black Tourmaline

Tumbled Black TourmalineAppearing somewhat fibrous, with a visible grain and crystalline structure when it is untumbled, black Tourmaline appears as a glossy black stone when it has been tumbled smooth. Tourmaline is actually somewhat of a new-comer to the spiritual world, and was generally not used by magical practitioners of old. Physically, it is unique as it can be polarized. Otherwise, black tourmaline is popularly used in grounding. In this manner it can be used for healing purposes, helping to find balance in energy flows, as well as in protective magic where it helps to absorb or otherwise negate negativity