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March 30, 2011

Energy Healing Through Chakras

by  Kristen Lauter
April 17, 2009
    Energy healing dates back 4000 years to Egypt, and although there are many forms of its use today the general understanding is that there is a force within that is able to heal and assist in creating of reality when in proper alignment with it.
What is a Chakra?
A chakra, which in ancient yoga systems of India was referred to as "wheel of light," is one of the main focuses of energy healing. There are seven main chakras in which each chakra correlates with a frequency band and subtle bodies associated with each band, as well as specific endrocrine glands.
A chakra, also known as an energy vortex, is also considered a gateway to consciousness. When a chakra is opened and balanced, the energy is directed to heal all areas of life associated with that chakra. Evolving up the ladder of the chakras is also considered the path to ascension (raising body’s frequency to that of light).

Out of This World - Shamanism Healing

By: Eric Cho

Many of the ancient cultures of the world adhered to one or the other form of Shamanism. This is a tribal healing tradition where a Shaman is said to transcend the boundaries of the conscious world and travel to a world unbeknown to the ordinary man. Here, the Shaman converses with spirits and come back with secrets that allows him to heal others, foretell the future, control the weather and even ward off attacks.