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March 30, 2011

Energy Healing Through Chakras

by  Kristen Lauter
April 17, 2009
    Energy healing dates back 4000 years to Egypt, and although there are many forms of its use today the general understanding is that there is a force within that is able to heal and assist in creating of reality when in proper alignment with it.
What is a Chakra?
A chakra, which in ancient yoga systems of India was referred to as "wheel of light," is one of the main focuses of energy healing. There are seven main chakras in which each chakra correlates with a frequency band and subtle bodies associated with each band, as well as specific endrocrine glands.
A chakra, also known as an energy vortex, is also considered a gateway to consciousness. When a chakra is opened and balanced, the energy is directed to heal all areas of life associated with that chakra. Evolving up the ladder of the chakras is also considered the path to ascension (raising body’s frequency to that of light).

Includes Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz,
Sodalite,Amethyst, and Hyaline Quartz
 The Root Chakra
The first chakra is located at the base of the spine between the genitals and anus. The associated glands and color are the adrenals and the color red, respectively. Its correlated element is Earth, and the life lesson an goal concerns standing up for self, attaining physical health and fitness, security and self mastery.
This chakra is considered out of harmony when an overly materialistic or self centered attitude is played out. Or at the opposite end of the pole, is too needy, fearful or has recurring low self esteem.
The Sacral Chakra
The second chakra is located between the lower abdomen and genitals, and is associated with the ovaries/testes and the color orange. Its correlated element is water, and the life lesson concerns the unveiling of motivation and intention, achieving emotional balance and having a friendly, happy disposition.
This chakra is considered out of harmony when uncertainty in sexual or emotional matters is present, or acting over sensitive and manipulative.

The Solar Plexus

The third chakra, is located slightly under the navel, and is associated with the pancreas and adrenals, as well as the color yellow. Its correlated element is fire, and the life lesson concerns building self esteem, ability to take action and risks, and developing personal power.
This chakra is considered out of harmony when anger is present, a judgmental attitude or controlling behavior. When in harmony, there is a feeling of wholeness, inner calm and tranquility.
The Heart Chakra
The fourth chakra is located at the center of the chest and is associated with the Thymus gland. Its correlated element is air, and the life lesson concerns ability to forgive and have compassion for oneself and others.
When giving love that is not sincere, or fearing rejection and an unworthiness to receive love, this chakra is considered blocked. When a possessive attitude is present, the chakra is too open. Exuding compassion with a feeling of wholeness while unconditional love is present is a sign that this chakra is balanced.
The Throat Chakra
The fifth chakra is located between the inner collarbone and is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid. Its correlated element is that of ether, and the life lesson concerns power of choice, personal expression, and listening to the inner voice.
This chakra is out of harmony when an attitude of arrogance or over talkativeness is demonstrated in conversation. When in harmony with the fifth chakra, balance of expression is understood, knowing when to be silent, when to speak, and to trust in intuition.
The Third Eye
The sixth chakra is located between the eyes and is associated with the pituitary gland and all of the elements combined. The life lesson concerns emotional intelligence, gaining wisdom through ability to see other than with the eyes.
When in harmony there is awareness of the spiritual realm, intuition is high, and synchronistic events will be experienced.
The Crown Chakra
The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head. It is associated with the pineal gland and its corresponding element is of course, all elements. The life lesson concerns selflessness, spirituality, and unity with all that is.
When this chakra is balanced, miracles occur on a daily basis along with the development of a magnetic personality. A sign of balance is oneness with universal laws and self. When out of balance, fear, depression or exhaustion are experienced.
The evolving path of consciousness is said to lead one to ascension by overcoming the ego (negative aspects of self) in order to become a light unto this world.
Here are some tips for opening up each chakra:
According to the Hermetic Principle of Polarity, everything has its opposite. However, in truth, each is on the opposite end of the same pole, varying only by degree. So in order to open a chakra, it would be best to concentrate on having that which is desired.
For instance, to open the root chakra it would help to concentrate on self mastery through thought, feeling, deed or in meditation. To cleanse, rejuvenate and open a chakras, it would help by envisioning the color of that particular energy vortex running through the body and aura.
Chakras can also be opened by picturing a flower with that associated color, beginning to bloom. It is recommended to close the chakras in the same manner, by picturing each flower closing. It is good practice to open and close the chakras for energy balancing, cleansing and rejuvenation on a daily basis.
Each chakra equates to a band of consciousness. As the spiritual end goal is sought (enlightenment), each band or gateway opens on this evolutionary path to the highest of being, which is one with the all.