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July 6, 2011

Cleanse and Purify Your Psychic Energy Field

by Terri Parrot

Psychic energy is believed to be a life force in the body that balances one with the environment.

Psychic abilities are often described as the natural expression of the soul, and are a function of constructively developing and applying skills at a spiritual, mental and physical level. However, one's belief system embracing the existence of psychic abilities has a significant impact on the effective expression of the subtle energies of life. It is believed one is able to awaken dormant psychic abilities through learning to relax and use focused concentration to increase sensitivity to internal and external energies.

Create a Circle of Emotions

A helpful exercise to graphically show one's state of mind is the circle of negative emotions. On a sheet of paper, draw a large circle. Label the north side, Anger, the south side Peacefulness, the east side Hostility and the west side Harmony.

If one tends to yell and speak harshly, color one-eighth of the circle red. If not, color the left side yellow. If one has a tendency to be aggressive and to control, color red next to hostility. If one has a tendency to not redirect one's anger, put the color red next to hostility as well.

If one is sad, hopeless and feeling self-pity, put green between anger and harmony. If one is elderly and has health problems, color green between anger and harmony.

If one argues more than others, or tends to think he is never wrong, put red between the north and east side of the circle. If one feels a sense of denial or worry about an issue, put the color red between hostility and peacefulness. If one has mood swings, anxiety, sadness, or tension, color red between the north and south side of the circle.

If one has learned to turn negative situations into positive experiences and has developed an ability to meditate and relax, color the circle yellow. If one has a sense of being able to handle a situation with confidence, color yellow between peacefulness and harmony. If one genuinely cares about and exhibits loving kindness towards others, color the circle yellow.

Review the overall circle and note the areas with the largest amount of red. These areas represent aspects of one's life where one can be more mindful of what one does and says. It would be helpful to focus on bringing about an overall change in attitude regarding these aspects of one's life.

 Visualize a Cleansing Vortex

Cleanse and purify one's personal energy field at the end of each day using the cleansing vortex exercise.

Sit in a comfortable position and progressively relax the body. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. It may be helpful to say a brief prayer or mantra.

Visualize a small, crystalline white fire forming approximately twenty feet above the head. The fire is spinning in the form of a vortex and forms a funnel shape. It expands to encompass the entire energy field of the body, with the small end of the funnel coming down into the center of the body, entering at the crown of the head.

Rotate the spiral in a clockwise direction. As is touches the energy field of the body, it picks up and burns off all the energy debris collected from interactions with others through the course of the day. Allow as much time to collect and burn off the debris as necessary.

See and feel the vortex moving down, over, and through the entire energy field and the body; sweeping all external and internal energy clean. As it moves through the body, allow the energy vortex to exit through the feet and down into the heart of the earth. See it carry the sparks of energy debris into the lower realms of the earth where it fertilizes and benefits life upon and within the planet.

When complete, return the attention to the immediate environment and resume normal activities.

Humans operate from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. As one is better able to understand how these dimensions interact, one is able to bring about a healthier sense of well-being.http://www.wrensgrove.com